DTF Transfer Film Roll 24" x 328' - MATTE (INSTANT HOT PEEL™)

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DTF Transfer Film Roll 24" x 328' - MATTE (INSTANT HOT PEEL™)


Kingdom DTF Instant Hot Peel™ is a premium instant hot peel DTF Transfer Film. This is a solution so versatile that gives the user the ability to peel right away (instantly) after pressing for fast production and bright colors. You and your customers will be happy to peel right away.

NOTE: This product needs DTF Inks and DTF Powder

- Micros: 75um 
- Roll type: 24 inches x 328 feet (328 Feet = 100m)
- Print side: Coated printable single side with instant hot peel, Matte back non-printable
Press Time: (F = Fahrenheit) Each heat press is different, please use the best that works for you.
- Cotton: 320F to 350F for 8-10 sec.
- Blends: 300F to 320F for 8-10 sec.
- Poly: 280F to 300F for 8-10 sec.
- Press pressure: High
- Final press: After peeling, press with Teflon for 10 sec.

Works on:
- Suitable for DTF Inks and DTF Powder.
- For use on cotton, polyester, blends, Tri-blends, leather, spandex, and more.
- Can be used for dark and light fabric.
- A Great soft hand feel.

Types of DTF Transfer Film you can choose:

This one

- Glossy (single side)
The print side is coated opaque. The backside is clear glossy non-printable, non-coated, and easy to identify.
This is a hot peel.

MatteGlitterGlow in the Dark, and Reflective Holographic are also available.