CLOG BREAKER Cleaning Solution 8oz (STRONG) for Epson Printheads - DTF and DTG

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CLOG BREAKER Cleaning Solution 8oz (STRONG) for Epson Printheads - DTF and DTG


This Cleaning Solution is engineered more strongly to clean and flush Epson printheads and break down clogged and dry inks more easily. You can flush the print head, either manually with the syringe and tubing (flushing the printheads), or for printers that are cartridge-based, you can fill this cleaning solution into cartridges and use those cartridges as cleaning cartridges running up to 3 cleaning cycles with them. Use this cleaning solution with a syringe in its full strength to have the best chance of recovering a printhead.

- Refill cartridges, and use them to clean your print head.
- Safe for Printheads and capping stations.

As part of your daily maintenance at the end of the day when you finish, is recommended to use a Capping Station Solution to do a wet cap to keep your print head optimized when doing DTF or DTG.

If you need a less aggressive cleaning solution check our Regular Cleaning Solution.

If you need to flush lines and lubricate the head for going on an extended period of time "vacation time" check our Cleaning Piezo Red Solution.

PRO TIP: Mix and heat the cleaning solution with distilled water in a container to soak the print head and help with clogs. Doing a regular flush and a reverse flush when the mixture is hot will help remove the clog faster, but you also need to be patient. MAKE SURE ELECTRONICS DO NOT GET WET.

1. This product is to clean and flush Epson print heads.
2. Bottle sizes may vary.